• Dr Moitryee Mahanta

How bad is fast food?

Fast food contains lot of sodium, cholestrol and oil, this can cause serious health problems, if consumed on a regular basis.

The health issues related to fast food consumption are, hearth attack, hearth diseases, chlorestrol, blood pressure, thyroid disorders,

sugar problems, etc. Since fast food contains lot of trans fat, so eating on a regular basis is not advisable.

Junk food releases a dopamine in the brain, which create the tendency to have more fast food.

Today more than 2 in 3 adults, are considered obese and the fast food industry seems to be growing in India.

There is a system in your brain called the reward system.

This system was designed to "reward" you when doing things that encourage your survival. This includes primal behaviors like eating (2).

The brain knows that when you eat, you're doing something "right," and it releases a bunch of feel-good chemicals in the reward system.

These chemicals include the neurotransmitter dopamine, which your brain interprets as pleasure. The brain is hardwired to seek out behaviors that release dopamine in the reward system.

The problem with modern junk foods is that they can cause a reward that is way more powerful than anything you can get from whole foods.

When you repeatedly do something that releases dopamine in the reward system, such as smoking a cigarette or eating a Snickers bar, your dopamine receptors can start to down-regulate.

When the brain sees that the amount of dopamine is too high, it begins removing dopamine receptors to keep things balanced.

When you have fewer receptors, you need more dopamine to reach the same effect, which causes people to start eating more junk food to reach the same level of reward as before. This is called tolerance.

If you have fewer dopamine receptors, you will have very little dopamine activity and start to feel unhappy when you don't get your junk food "fix." This is called withdrawal.

Tolerance and withdrawal are the hallmarks of physical addiction.


Fast food impact on our health

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