• Dr Moitryee Mahanta

5 great reasons to have a first aid box:

We never know when incidents might occur, however it is always suggest able to keep a first aid tool box handy.

The box should be available at your home, office and car.

1. Act like a friend: There is never a place to get hurt, however your first aid tool box can act like a friend in the time of emergency

2. Helping during blood loss: Sounds scary? But it is true, you injury involves blood loss, so if we can tie the wound or apply some antiseptic, it not only delay the process of blood loss, but will also help in saving from many infections.

3. When kids are around: Kids will always be kids, and no matter how much precaution you apply, they tend to get hurt or injure themselves. So, it is important to keep a first aid tool box handy, every time, indoors or outdoors.

4. Protecting your employees: It is always important to keep this aid box handy at work. Afterall, we need to protect our employees.

5. Cost Savings: It helps to save a lot of cost, if there has any small incident, we can definitely be prepared and stop them.

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